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Who's up for a very palatable yet healthy food? No problem, I got it covered for you! 

Did you know that The Coffee Club has recently created a new list on their menu in Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi? The Australian cafe chain have stepped up their effort & creativity to satisfy our little points on the surface of our tongues - tastebuds.

The cafe is known for it's famous breakfast menu and it's answer to Where Will I Meet You which is really a perfect place for food aficionados like me. 

Launched since 2015 in the UAE, The Coffee Club has been delivering it's simple mission & philisophy and that is to provide good food, great service and excellent coffee. 

Now, let's find out altogether what they have recently launched and why did I fall in love with their new creations when I have tasted it :)

P O W E R   B O W L
A R A B I A N    C H I C K E N   F L A T   G R I LL
C H E E S Y    Q U I N O A    S C R A M B L E D    E G G S
S A L M O N    W I T H    Q U I N O A    &    G R E E N S   ( M Y  F A V O R I  T E )
S P I C Y     C H O R I Z O    S P A G H E T T I 

Eating healthy dishes is really a big deal for me since I'm trying to be fit & healthy all the time.

The Coffee Club is offering a variety of light meals, fresh and wholesome dishes with a little twist. So you should try and visit them and then thanked me later. 

And don't forget to have some coffee too to sum up that sumptuous meal that you have for the day! 

To be honest, The Coffee Club is definitely one of the cafe's that you should go to with friends. Aside from it's cozy & chill ambiance, the staffs are all accommodating and well trained. Such a great team!

Thank you 'The Coffee Club' for trusting us to taste your new creations and we will definitely come back this weekend with my friends!

Til next time, 

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